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2009-06-16 19:55:05 by killergoth

The worlds greatest music videos are now on youtube and in animation!!!!!!! CTRU&feature=related 0IFI FXyk&feature=related zgY0&feature=quicklist uiBY&feature=quicklist a0Mc OGdM&feature=related NECI&feature=quicklist VMZ4&feature=quicklist 4uRk&feature=quicklist



2008-05-10 19:19:43 by killergoth

Links to youtube and other sites! EiQ4 OKIQ&feature=related wyjI&feature=related 8lCY&feature=related _Nqo&feature=related
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2008-04-15 18:27:23 by killergoth

the joy of music....



2008-04-07 18:57:42 by killergoth

how funny blockhead really is.
but seriously,
DoN`t Do ThAt
It`S sTuPiD


TAST THE RAINBOW!!^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^



2008-02-06 20:37:44 by killergoth



Story Time ^_^

2007-11-26 17:03:24 by killergoth

here is the story i doing at school:

Jan.23, 2007
By: Sara
My homework went missing!

It was one day at school. Everyone was being given Projects about animals. Mine was a wolf. The teacher said that the best place to find your animal was at the museum, or library. So I decided to go to the museum.
At the museum, there were lots of things about animals! I looked on the museum map to find the info about wolves:
You are hereà X
· ßWolves info is here
By the time I got to the area (which took me ten minutes) there was lots of stuff. On one of the tiles, there was a painting above it. The painting was a scene of the night. There was a wolf that was sitting on a rock. Below the painting there was a tile. It had old writing, like an ancient writing. The writing said: picino comin ju loaf
As I said the words, I noticed some about the painting. It seemed as if it had moved, and it did. The wolf in the painting came out and took my homework! I fell inside the painting and chased after it.

When I fell into the painting, I was in the scene in the

painting I saw. It was very dark and spooky. The trees were

crooked and old and there were rock everywhere! I looked around

and there I saw the wolf sitting on one of the rock by a puddle. I Struggle to move towards the wolf but I was too terrified to move. The wolf started to run and I just all of a sudden started to follow it. But I lost it along the ways.

As I ran around trying to find the wolf again, I saw something moving. It was a cat, a talking cat too!
The cat stared at me, as if it was saying follow. The cat ran

away, so I did follow it. The cat lead to the wolf which it was

sitting on another rock by another puddle." the only way to get

your homework back is too convince the wolf too." the cat said. I

nodded and the cat left. I have an idea I Thought to myself.

It was easy. All I did was distract the wolf with a moose, then I grabbed my home work and ran. By the time I got back to get out of the painting I woke-up. I found myself still sitting there staring at the painting. Was it a dream?

By the time I got back to school I just forgot about the dream. I knew I would have to stay after school, which I did. But that didn't bother me because I had a great explanation why I didn't get my homework done.

Story Time ^_^

waz up?

2007-11-26 13:25:09 by killergoth

Hi some strange,some nice people of NG
Christmas is coming,but the only thing I hate about Christmas is all the snow :(
please leave a message ,tho I`d be happy to respond ^_^
ps:some fact that some of u would like to hear:
clocks fuckin suck
and if u are with me I hope u will kill them too

waz up?


2007-11-24 23:02:37 by killergoth



2007-11-23 16:07:36 by killergoth

the only reason I luv NG iz cauzeit haz everything that I like (Ex.movies,games,chatrooms)& u get to do alot of coll stuff like making your very own movie and showing it to te world.
look, the piont is Im a canadain so tell me if/when your going to dec. NG for remeberance,thxgiving